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Double Stripes - Illusion Knit Hat Pattern
This is an easy illusion knit hat. The observer will always see horizontal stripes on the outsides and vertical stripes in the center no matter which way the wearer turns their head.
This hat is made with two continuous strands of worsted weight yarn on u.s. size 4 needles. The sizes in this pattern are small 18”, medium 21” and large 24” with instructions on making in between sizes or even smaller or larger sizes.
This pattern is written out and also includes a chart that can be followed instead if preferred.

One Over Two

This Tunisian crochet hat pattern is worked with a single, regular size J or 6.00mm crochet hook. Worked sideways this pattern includes instructions for an “invisible” seam. Loaded with pictures, this pattern makes it easy for anyone to give Tunisian crochet a try.

Team Captain 


This is a crochet Team Captain hat pattern. It is an intermediate pattern and knowledge of basic crochet and front post single crochets needed. Made with a size G or 4.25mm crochet hook and worsted weight yarn.This pattern is for an adult size hat with sizes from 19 inches to 22 inches.
Point and Shoot
This is a simple crochet pattern for fun, pointed hat. This hat has a swirled shape from top to bottom with a 2” brim. A crocheted belt wrapped around the bottom is a great finish. Knowledge of front post single crochet is needed. When complete this hat is 13” high and 22” around at the base. Made with 7 oz of worsted weight yarn for the main color, 1 oz of a contrasting color and 2 oz of black on size H or 5.00 mm crochet hook.

Lovely Layers
This is the Lovely Layers crochet hat pattern. This is an intermediate pattern. Knowledge of single, double and triple crochet needed as well as front post single crochet. Pattern includes photos for clarification and complete written instructions for sizes small, medium and large.

Napper's Respite

This post is for the Napper’s Respite crochet Pattern. This hat is 24 inches around and 8 1/2 inches high when complete. This is a written pattern. Techniques used are short rows and single crochet, plus magic loop for the ball at the top. About 6 oz of red and 6 oz of black, and 1 oz of white (or colors of your choice) are needed.

Team Spirit Pickelhaube
This is a crocheted Pickelhaube Pattern. This is a fun hat to make. It is in the intermediate category. Skills needed: fpdc, bpdc, fpsc, bpsc. It is 24” around when finished and 6” high, and the spike is an additional 5”. Made with acrylic, worsted weight yarn on size g or 4.25 mm crochet hook. Only 5 oz of main color needed and 1 oz of contrasting color.

Crochet Fedora Pattern

This is for a crocheted Fedora. This hat has the shaping of the hat built into the design, it is not crocheted round then folded. I have included instruction for the rain drop shaped top and for the boat shaped top so you can choose either. This hat is for an adult with notes on how to make it smaller if you’d like. Hat band instruction included. This pattern is and simple pattern, with only one row of front post stitches.       

Tyrant Helm Worsted Crochet hat Pattern

This patten is intermediate level crochet because of the fpdc stitches and short rows. Materials needed are worsted weight yarn, size G or 4.25mm crochet hook and a yarn needle. I used red heart worsted in colors Linen, Cherry red, Grey heather, black and white. Helm measures 23” around at the base and 8” high with a thick, sturdy fabric.

Awesome Cubes crochet hat Pattern
This is an intermediate crochet skill level pattern. Materials needed are size G or 4.25mm crochet hook, 150g of sport weight yarn. This hat measures 20 inches around at the brim, with a thick and stretchy fabric. Brim flap can be worn up or down. This pattern has been tested.

Crochet Cubes hat Pattern

This Pattern is for the Crochet Cubes hat. This hat is completely reversible, the cubes look the same inside and out. It comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Includes chart and written instructions. Skill level easy to medium. Sport weight yarn, but easily adjustable to any yarn.

Ripples crochet hat Patten 
This is an easy pattern for a rippled crochet hat. Crochet hook size G or 4.25 mm needed and 50g of sport weight yarn.
This hat can be worn with the bottom folded up making a rippled edge, or with the bottom unfolded to make a floppy hat. It is 19” around at the bottom when laid flat, but the crochet ribbed bottom gives it a nice stretch. This pattern has been tested.

Zip Zag Swirls crochet hat Pattern
This pattern is an easy to moderate skill level pattern for crochet. Sizes are from small at 16 1/2” to large at 20” around. Made on worsted weight yarn. This pattern has been tested.

Paku-Paku knitted hat Pattern
This pattern is worked flat. Crochet hook is optional, Knitting instructions for border included in this pattern. It uses simple techniques and only about 5 oz of yarn. This sale if for the pattern, not the actual item.

Knitted Cubes Headscarf Pattern
This headscarf is made from right tip of scarf to left tip of scarf, worked flat with worsted weight yarn. This pattern includes the stitch pattern chart, and written stitch pattern and instructions.
This is for the Knitted Cubes Headscarf Pattern, not the actual Headscarf. It is a really simple stitch pattern to follow, only consisting of knit and purl stitches.
Vertical Lines crochet purse Pattern
This purse is made from worsted weight yarn. Any worsted weight yarn can be used. It is a pattern for beginners, with easy to follow written instructions. This sale is for the Vertical Lines Crochet Purse Pattern, not the actual purse.
Vertical Lines crochet hat Pattern

This hat is crocheted with worsted weight yarn. Any worsted can be used. It is a pattern for beginners, easy to follow, written instructions. This a sale for the Vertical Lines Crochet Hat Pattern, not the actual hat.
Crochet Basket weave hat Pattern

This pattern is a little knit, a little crochet. It is a simple pattern in both crafts, only the basics need be known. It’s a simple, quick, beautiful project.
Raspberry Twist crochet hat Pattern
This hat is a super soft light weight hat, great for the warmer seasons. This is a simple pattern with only basic crochet knowledge needed. It is 19” around at the base, super stretchy, with a brim of 1 1/2 inches.

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