Napper´s Respite

I've received a request for a Napper's Respite. The problem with making hats that can be seen as real world hats is that I don't want it to look like a real world hat.  I want it to look exactly like it does in the game except with yarn.
Another problem is that it's hard to find pictures of the hats from the back and side. Here's a pic I found of one:

and looking at this it looks like there is no fold in the back, just like the back is simply shorter than the front... seems simple enough. Then there's the question of the pom-pom which isn't like a regular real world pom-pom, it's smooth, which will also be simple enough. Yeah, I can do that!  : D


  1. Is there any way you could make a knitting pattern for this hat? Thanks!

  2. I'm sure there is but it just wouldn't be the same. Knit fabric isn't as thick as crochet and this hat I wanted to hold it's shape and if it was knit it would just flop down. I don't even think double knit would be thick enough to hold.