Tyrolean vs. Fedora

Someone said to me "Nice Fedora" to a pic I had with nothing that said it was a Tyrolean so I did some searching on both the hats and came up with the only difference being that to be a Tyrolean it has to have a feather!
I wiki-ed the Tyrolean and the pics that come up truly don't look like the hat in the previous post, then I wiki-ed fedora and there I found that style. So then I Googled images of both the style of hats and I saw a lot of Fedora style Tyrolean or Tyrolean style Fedoras but it seemed that the only difference was.. dun dun dun... a feather.
Please! If someone reading this knows what makes the two different or if one is just a sub of the other, let me know. I would love to know what defines the two. 

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