Second Double Knit hat

This hat is made from wool yarn. It's a pretty big hat, when I put it on it looks like a mushroom top (lol) but I love it. It's thick and warm and will be the most worn this winter I'm sure. I made this with larger needles than was suggested in the pattern so that's why the size is much bigger. I also used the exact same cast on for the second color as I did with the first double knit hat but this time it came out perfect so maybe it's because I was purling instead of knitting... not really sure, but it works. I can't decide which side I like more, I thought maybe the side that starts with white would be a good lighter side but they both seem even in light and dark color wise, it's gonna be hard to decide which side to wear facing out. It was really fun to make and I know I'll be making more.


  1. I love these hats! They are great, and I love the colors you used. You have a lot of talent!

  2. Your hats are beautiful! I agree with Judy, you have a lot of talent.