My first double knit hat

I made my first double knit hat over the last two days. So much fun to learn and now I feel like I've accomplished something and learned a new skill. I knit both layers, knowing that the purls would still be on the inside but it didn't matter to me. When I make another I'll do knits facing out on both sides, I didn't think it would matter, and if your thinking bout warmth it really doesn't, but it's not as reversible as a double knit can be, tho I like both sides. Also since this was a practice hat I've learned that I shouldn't pick up the second color by picking up loops in between the the stitches of the first, it created long stitches, that you can see in the last pic right above where the rib ends. Anyway, I love it and will wear it much this winter. And will diffidently be making more.


  1. Great job on the hat. Looks like it will be keeping you nice and warm this winter.

  2. The color combination looks so sweet. I am just a knit beginner. I made just small one this time. But I am sure I will be inspired with your big knitting projects