Trying some double knit

I've been working on practicing double knitting on two needles with one yarn held in my left hand and one yarn held in my right hand. I've been practicing for a couple day and am finally comfortable with it. I hold my yarn in my left hand typically to knit and getting use to holding it in my right hand was a task. At first I couldn't get the yarn to stay snug so I kept having to pull it from the bottom but after a while it corrected.
It was really confusing to figure out what color went where at first, until I became aware that knits were all on the side facing me and purls were all on the other side so I took it apart in my brain and just concentrated on what color went on the knit side, and the purls side followed. You can see in the first two pattern repeats in the pic I was still confused  :)
I'd really love to make a double knit hat out of these two yarns, but I am STILL waiting for my double pointed needles. I feel like I'm at a stand still without them.   :(  


  1. I haven't tried double knitting yet, it seems like a cool technique though!

  2. It really really is, but it takes a little getting use.