Yesterday I had my first Etsy showcase and tho I did get some views, I received no sales. I'm thinking there may be a couple reasons for this and can't seem to think of a way to correct them. One is that it's summer in most of the world and know one is thinking of hats? Two is I have no feedback. I did have a sale but they did not leave feedback, I was hoping they would by my showcase so that I would have something there, but no, and of course there's that one reason which would be that know one likes my items... I don't want to believe that one  :)
So I'm trying to come up with new ideas and things to make that I will enjoy and maybe someone can use. I was looking around at other sells on Etsy and saw that there are a few sellers of crocheted granny squares. My mother, years ago, told me to do this but I thought it wasn't such a good idea. Now I'm thinking maybe knitted squares. I didn't see any sellers of knitted squares, surprisingly. The problem is that this doesn't fit into my shop title or setting... I suppose I could change my name but I like the name and the image, I like hats, I like making them but maybe in the summer, not such a good idea. Maybe I'll just ad an "and" to it... Well anyway, this is what I'm doing today, the great brainstorm.


  1. It is disappointing not to receive feed back. Crochet squares are a good idea at the moment as crochet items are "in". Wait for the cold weather. We recently revamped our shop from feedback we received from friends. Hang in there.

  2. Yeah, showcase spots don't seem to work for many people. If a customer goes on Etsy and just uses searches for what they're looking for, they'll likely never see the Showcase Section at all.