Crocheted Suede brimmed hat

This hat was a lot of fun to make, as much of a pain as it can be to crochet suede yarn.  :)
I used to wire rings, one a little bigger than the other and crocheted around them, once at the end of my increase for the top, and once on the last row. I also increased for the last four rows to try and make them stick out. 
It's made with Lion brand suede and size I crochet hook. I really like it and haven't decided if I can part with it yet.  Pattern is really simple.  Increase for dome as you would with my pretty cool crochet hat until you have 66 stitches around. Sc for 8 rows, switch colors, sc for 3 rows more. Then increase four rows as you would for the dome ending with 90 scs.
The wire was really just an option. I wanted the top to be a tight circle and couldn't get it with just crocheting, I tried smaller hooks and it just wasn't working so I decided on the wire. Glad I did now.


  1. Very beautiful your works.