Knit Cardigan with cables

This cardigan I made this month is simple and straight. No shaping. The sleeves don't decrease and the waist doesn't decrease. I love it. It's made from worsted weight yarn on a size 8 circular needle, you could use straights as it's mostly back and forth except for the sleeves, you could use dpns for those. This has a garter stitch border on the sleeves and bottom and outer edge, cables continue around the hood and down the front. My original cast on was 88, divided into 39 for back, 38 for front and 5 for each sleeve then increase every other row on each side of the sleeves with yos for 9 inches. Cable was 10 stitches long and cabled every 8 rows. Border was 5 garder stitches wide. 14 Garder stitch rows at the end of the sleeves and the last 2 1/2 inches of the bottom of the cardigan are garder stitched. Buttons spaced about every 4 inches.

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  1. Quite a funky hoodie. Very nice actually I was looking for something similar to knit myself.