The Simplest Two Needle Sock Pattern Ever

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I have to start by saying that I can't believe there isn't this pattern all over. I've looked at many sock patterns and all that I've seen have some weird complicated heel. I couldn't figure out why in the world we couldn't just knit a sock more like the way a store bought sock is made. I thought it would be simpler and I've figured out i was right. Here is my pattern for a perfectly simple and still wonderful looking sock.

Needle sizes: US size 5 and 7 needles
Yarn: worsted weight yarn of your choice

(This pattern is to exactly my foot size. size 8 womens, but I will be working on different sizes and post the pattern again with them.)

Start by casting on 34 stitches with 5 mm needles.
Row 1-15: rib of your choice. I did knit two purl two becuause it is my favorite. But you could do knit one purl one also.
(You can rib for as many rows as you like, if you want a longer top, rib more rows :)

Row 16: Knit one, increase one by knitting in front and back on next stitch, knit until last two stitches, increase again by knitting in front and back of next stitch, knit one. (36 stitches on needle)

Row 17:purl

Continue in stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row) for twelve more rows. Or as long as you want your sock to be from top to bottom of heel.

Switch to size 7 needles.


Row 30: knit 20, turn your wok, purl 5, turn your work, knit 6, turn your work, purl 7, turn your work, knit 8, turn your work, purl 9 turn your work, knit 10, turn your work, purl 11, turn your work, knit accross.

Row 31: purl

Now just continue in stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row.) for 5 1/2 more inches ending with a purl row. (Took me 36 more rows.)

Row 68: knit 10, knit two together, knit 12, knit two together, knit 10

Row 69: purl

Row 70: knit 9, knit two together, knit 12, knit two together, knit 9.

Row 71: purl

Row 72: knit 8, knit two together, knit 12, knit two together, knit 8.

Row 73: purl

Row 74: knit 7, knit two together, knit 12, knit two together, knit 7.

Row 75: purl

Row 76: knit 6, knit two together, knit 12, knit two together, knit 6.

Row 77: purl

Row 78: knit 5, knit two together, knit 12, knit two together, knit 5.

At this point you should have 24 stitches on your kneedle.

Row 79: purl, break yarn

Now this last part takes some flipping of the needles a bit but I doodled some pics to help. (Not the best of doodles but they're the best I could do)

Drop first six stitches from needle, fold so that right side meets right side then place six stitches onto other needle.

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Now you'll need a third needle. I wasn't conserned about the size of the needle just as long as it's the same size or smaller than the others.

This is what I did.
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Do this 5 more times, the third needle now has six stitches, needle two is empty, needle one has 12 stitches still on it.

Romove all 12 stitches from kneele one. Fold so that knit side is together with six stitches on each side. Place six stitches on needle one, six on needle two, like this.
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Continute with these stitches as you did the last, there will be 12 stitches on needle.

Finish off, I did this by knitting two together, putting stitch back on left needle and knitting two.

Last, sew up the seam!


  1. did you switch back to the size 5 needles after the heel or stay on the 7s? thanks.

  2. im trying this with scrap yarn first of first sock.

  3. Great start but I'm little confused as there are no pictures!

  4. This looks promising, but pics are missing and I don't follow what your're doing with the three needles... Thanks.

  5. Yes, I have no idea what happened to the pics. I will have to post more. I was off of the blog train for a while and I'm very sorry I wasn't able to get back to anyone until now. What I was trying to say was you basically have to knit one stitch off each needle together twice then pass the first stitch to the right over the second.. Knitting two together then binding them off at the same time.

  6. Huh? Very confusing without get to row 79 and sock is unfinished

  7. Help. How do I finish this??? I love the sock but without pictures I can't follow how to finish this. Can I pull the thread through the remaining stiches and sew up the front seam?